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Whisky Glen Keith, il distillato scozzese per eccellenza

Whiskey Glen Keith: the distillate born in the Scottish lands. It evokes colorful moorlands of heather plants and vast expanses of green.

Whiskey Glen Keith, its land of origin and its characteristics:
Also known as the noblest of cereal distillates, varied and multiform, the Whiskey was born in Scotland or Ireland.
Connoisseurs love to enjoy it straight, or with a few drops of water it is a never banal explosion of olfactory and tasting notes. Every sip is a journey, so make yourself comfortable: ours is about to begin.

Already in the fifteenth century the monks were dedicated to its realization: the Gaelic expression uisge beatha,
translation of the Latin acqua vitae, in the 18th century it became usky and then whiskey.

The main raw materials are spring water, yeast and cereals such as barley, corn, rye, oats and wheat.

Furthermore, other factors, such as water, fermentation and distillation techniques, can also play a role in the production and maturation process.
Even the wood of the barrels, the time and places of aging and the refinement choices of the distillate are fundamental for the success of an excellent distillate.

Malt, grain and blended whiskeys are the most significant types, from which there are further variants.

The classic malt whiskey produced in Scotland is called Single Malt, made from only malted barley and from a single distillery.
When instead the whiskeys of pure golden malt, coming from different distilleries, are blended together, a Vatted is obtained, indicated as Pure Malt.

Malt whiskey
Whiskey Glen is made only with malted barley, together with elements such as pure water low in minerals, yeast and generally peat.
Also known as Malt Whiskey, it is a version with a strong and more particular character than the blended and has its own typicality, which derives from the distillery of origin and from the properties of human and climatic factors.

The grains of ripe and dry barley are immersed in maceration tanks for 2-3 days,
so that they absorb the water necessary for germination.
Once the excess water is removed, the wet barley is spread on the floor of well-ventilated buildings, the malting houses,
in layers of 40-50 cm, turning it over with mechanical systems or, very rarely, by hand, with shovels.

The grains sprout and the starch is transformed into maltose thanks to the action of enzymes.
After about 7-8 days, the germination of the malt is stopped by adding hot air, which can be obtained with or without the use of peat, a conglomerate of shrubs, branches, heather and leaves, which will give the barley its typical aroma. and smoky taste.

We then proceed with the grinding and production of a flour, which, when added to water at about 65-70 ° C, is placed in the infusion vats; in these the mixture is mixed for a few hours, in order to extract the soluble sugars.
The boiling must not yet fermented is filtered and cooled to 20 ° C, transferred to large tanks, in which selected yeasts are added and fermentation begins.

In 48-112 hours the fermentation produces foam and heat, to form a liquid with 7-9% alcohol.

We proceed with the distillation phase in the typical copper stills, whose shape influences the very character of the Whiskey.

The first distillation produces a liquid that contains about 20-24% alcohol, called low wine. From the second distillation, in a second still, whiskey is obtained with an initial alcohol content between 65-72 degrees.

It then goes on to aging in oak barrels, it will be cured ex bourbon or ex sherry and where it will also mature for decades.

Glen Keith Whiskey
We at Cupid Selections select only the best distilleries, who know the raw material and know how to work it.
We want you to live a unique experience, an unforgettable distillate tasting, whose memory lasts over time, to be shared and savored to extract all the pleasure.

The Glen Keith Whiskey comes from the Glen Keith distillery and has a delicate and fruity character.

A 24 year old Glen Keith Single Malt distilled in 1995 and aged in a single ex-bourbon hogshead cask for more than two decades, before being bottled in September 2020. A great example of elegance, clarity and freshness in pure Speyside style.

Its appearance is a characteristic gold color and in the glass it reveals the aroma of vanilla, lemon grass, lemon cake and white flowers.

On the palate it is delicate and creamy: the initial minerality and freshness opens enriching itself with a harmonious aftertaste of custard, almond milk and shotbread

The tasting ends with a herbaceous character and hints of white flowers: you just have to taste it!