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Chapter 09

Jamaica Rum

Undisclosed Distillery in Trelawny Parish
Aged 13 years
Distilled in Jamaica 2007
Bottled by Cuspid Selections in 2021

This rum has taken us to the heart of the Pacific, between crystalline waters and coconut palms.

Jamaica Rum

Undisclosed Distillery in Trelawny Parish

A rum with pungent and impetuous aromas on the nose and on the palate. Jamaica Rum selected by Cuspid Spirits is characterized by high esters and full texture. It has been aged in Scotland for 13 years in an ex-bourbon cask. We immediately loved it for its typicality, its strength but also for its balance.


Trelawny, the area where the distillery is located, historically represents the grand crû of Jamaican rum and is characterized by an incredible biodiversity. The distillery is just a few miles from unspoilt Cockpit Country.

Founded in 1753, considered one of the best distilleries in the world for its quality based: on the use of its own spring water; on the prolonged fermentation characterized by the use of wild yeasts; on distillation exclusively in copper pot stills with discontinuous distillation and on the absence of any adulteration.

Produced in the “grand crû” of Trelawny, in the North West of Jamaica where the last crocodiles of the island still live, it is considered one the most aromatic and intense rums.

The defined industrial rums are obtained with a continuous distillation and are almost devoid of flavor. The discontinuous distillation that characterizes the Jamaica Rum selected by Cuspid allows the distillation, in addition to alcohol, of other flavoring substances such as esters and other congeners, which migrate in the condensate.

The rum that flows from the still has a distinctive aroma, flavor and oily texture and is in a category of its own with its strong flavor and deep, engaging scent.


Type/Subtype: Molasses

Vintage: 2007

Distillery: Undisclosed Distillery in

Trelawny Parish

Country: Jamaica

Bottler: Cuspid Selections

Alcoholic strength: 60,5%

Volume: 70cl

Years: 13

Bottling date: 2021

Chill Filtered: No

Colouring: No

Added sugar or flavourings: No

N° of bottles: 198

Cask number: 14


Tasting Notes: Flamboyant and pungent

Appearance: amber yellow

Nose: initial strong hints of burnt rubber and matches which are sweetened by enriching themselves with fruity aromas of fermented pineapple and apple.

Palate: in harmony with the olfactory development, the toasted aromas open up becoming Campot pepper noire, vanilla and cocoa beans. The fruits, pineapple and apple appear last

Finish: prolonged like fire under the ashes

Pairings: Shrimp tartare, Cuttlefish tartare, milk chocolate, white chocolate, Ring of San Luigi Gonzaga (Typical dessert of Mantua and Castiglione delle Stiviere made with almonds), Dried fruit covered in chocolate

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