Islay single malt scotch whisky 04


Demerara Rum


Spirit, wood and
time, that’s all

We live in fast-paced times. We’re busy trying to follow our dreams, commitments and aims .We can measure it in days, months, and years. In Cuspid, we believe in the depth of time. A time in which every moment may be rich, when it is spent doing something we’re passionate about.

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Time determines
our choices

That’s the reason for which we choose the world’s best distillates, and we follow them carefully through all the stages. Spirit and wood in all its purity, exchanging aroma and flavour. The result is therefore a distillate of excellence which needs to be slowly relished, making life’s happy moments precious. Take time to enjoy that moment, and also, listen to all our senses, with a unique and distinctive Whisky.

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