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Chapter 09

Demerara Diamond Distillery 18-Year Rum

Diamond Distillery
Aged for 18 years
Distilled in Guyana Demerara 2002
and bottled in Scotland in 2020


This rum took us with its enveloping sweetness to the dense riverine forest of Guyana.

Demerara Diamond Distillery 18-Year Rum

A single cask rum aged for 18 years from Guyana.

Diamond Distillery has preserved and distilled this rum in the ancient Versailles Wooden Pot Still. The Versailles Still Is one of only two of its kind left The ancient still is more than 250 years old and produces still a truly unique style of rum similar to his humble beginnings at the estate of Versailles: incorporates a historic cylindrical wooden body a swan neck in copper. The combination of the interaction of native woods with alcoholic sugars and the reflux from the copper still result in a very heavy-bodied distillate, ideal for creating their distinctive rum characteristic Demerara robust, very tasty and aromatic.

From barrel n. 1710671 only 218 bottles were obtained

Continental aging (Scotland), maturation in an ex-bourbon cask, and final finishing in an ex-holy sherry cask make this rum a special bottle for any collection.

Not cold-filtered and not adulterated with added dyes, flavorings and sugars.


Type/Subtype: Rum / Molasses

Vintage: 2002

Distillery: Diamond Distillery

Country: Guyana

Region: Demerara

Bottler: Cuspid Selections

Series: Distillation novel

Alcoholic strength: 57.0%

Volume: 70cl

Years: 18

Bottling date: August 2020

Cold filtered: No

Colorants / added sugars: No / No

No. of bottles: 218

Cask number: 1710671



Appearance: naturally amber

Nose: The nose is an exotic blend of raisins, coconut, almonds, nutmeg and sugarcane

Palate: the palate explodes in all its sweet and deep notes with clear hints of marzipan, pineapple jam, apricot and dried fruits

Finish: enveloping with sweetness on the palate and lingering with a slight hint of rose

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