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Chapter 09

Barbados Rum

S.P. Distillery
Aged 12 years
Distilled in Fiji 2009
and bottled in Scotland 2022
Continental Aging

This rum has taken us to the heart of the Pacific, between crystalline waters and coconut palms.

Barbados Rum

The quintessential rum created in the most iconic distillery on the island of Barbados. Powerful with a very long finish, an amazing rum to pair with an excellent Caribbean cigar.


In 1995 Sir David Seale gambled on buying a sugar mill whose oldest building dates back to 1636 and was largely decrepit. His intuition paid off and that site became the Foursquare Distillery, now standing out as one of the most modern rum distilleries yet with an unmistakable style.

The molasses come from different countries and are fermented with a process of medium duration and intensity. Subsequently the distillation takes place both in a double column with 40 copper plates and in a beautiful Pot Still Forsyth Double Retort with a small column.

The peculiarity of Foursquare is that of mixing the distillate obtained from the two types of alembic (continuous column and pot still) directly in the barrels. Cuspid has selected this rum and aged it for 16 years in an ex-bourbon barrel.

The bouquet is very structured and full of sweet and soft scents that release caramelized notes of yellow fruit and vanilla.



Type/Subtype: Barbados Rum/Single blended Rum

Vintage: 2005

Distillery: Foursquare

Country: Barbados

Region: Saint Philip

Bottler: Cuspid Selections

Alcoholic strength: 60,5%

Volume: 70cl

Years: 16 y.o.

Bottling date: 2022

Chill Filtered: No

Colouring: No

Added sugar or flavourings: No

N° of bottles: 267

Cask number: #98


Tasting Notes: Very structured

Appearance: Naturally amber.

Nose: Caramel, vanilla, sweet aromas of wood.

Palate: Structured, toffee, yellow fruit, créme caramel.

Finish: Very long and soft.

Pairings: Dark chocolate, leavened desserts, butter biscuits, blue cheeses.

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