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Chapter 09

Fiji Rum

S.P. Distillery
Aged 12 years
Distilled in Fiji 2009
and bottled in Scotland 2022
Continental Aging

This rum has taken us to the heart of the Pacific, between crystalline waters and coconut palms.

Fiji Rum

This rum was a coup de coeur for its refined intensity of esters and its sweetness of exotic fruits. It has taken us to the heart of the Pacific, between crystal clear waters and coconut palms. To fall in love once again with the details in the cultivation and distillation process, a perfect combination and balance between nature and the art of distillation.

S.P. Distillery


The history of sugar cultivation and processing in Fiji dates back to 1862. The first sugar mill was built in 1872 in Suva and six years later nine more were functioning. In 1976 the National Fiji Sugar Marketing Company Limited (FSC) took over the sugar mills. Active since 1980, in 1998 the distillery was acquired by Paradise Beverages.

The island is characterized by the presence of very rich volcanic soils which allow for the cultivation of completely organic sugar cane. Additionally, the sugarcane in the distillery’s plantation is still cut by hand, which results in a richer cane juice with fewer tannins. Broadly speaking, Fijian rums are as rich in esters as Jamaican rums and are a combination of exotic fruity aromas blended with more smoky, medicinal notes similar to those of Barbados distilled rums.

The production techniques give life to a very rich molasses with a particularly high basic sugar, which has a decisive influence on the final product, giving it a unique flavour. The distillation takes place by means of a traditional discontinuous still.

(Pot Still)



Type/Subtype: Fiji Rum/Pure Single Rum

Vintage: 2009

Distillery: South Pacific Distilleries Ltd

Country: Fiji

Region: Lautoka

Bottler: Cuspid Selections

Alcoholic strength: 58,5 %

Volume: 70cl

Years: 12 y.o.

Bottling date: January 2022

Chill Filtered: No

Colouring: No

Added sugar or flavourings: No

Number of bottles: 187

Cask number: #34


Tasting Notes: Structured

Appearance: amber.

Nose: many esters, papaya, phenolic acids, honey, pineapple, sugar cane.

Palate: Dehydrated plum, dry and semi-sweet, comes across cleanly, crisp. Almost agricultural.

Finish: medium long. Almonds, vanilla, citrus fruits, coffee.

Pairings: shellfish, dried fruit covered in chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, pandoro, trifle, tiramisu, Dominican cigar.

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