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Chapter 09

The best Whiskies and Rums

S.P. Distillery
Invecchiato 12 anni
Distilled in Fiji 2009
and bottled in Scotland 2022
Continental Aging

The best Whiskies and Rums from the world selected by Cuspid selections

The best Whiskies and Rums selected by Cuspid selections

A special casket made of emotions and flavors, a complete journey into true taste.

This edition of the complete Rum and Whisky series of the Cuspid Spirits collection is the representation of our careful selection, able to inspire you a real complete sensory experience, made of flavors as different as they are satisfying.

An alternation of Yin and Yang, of feminine and masculine, a harmonious exchange between sweetness and strength, an interpenetration and interaction of emotions aroused by different tastes, perfumes, flavors.

This collection will be able to take you on a journey through time and space, a special edition that we have decided to dedicate to all tasters of authentic pleasure in search of a new overwhelming inspiration.


Package Includes:

1 Speyside Whisky – Distillery GLEN KEITH 24 y.o.

1 Islay Whisky – Distillery CAOL ILA 9 y.o.

1 Demerara Rum Distilleria Diamond – Versailles Wooden Pot Still 18 y.o.

1 Barbados Rum – Undisclosed Distillery 20 y.o.


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