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Chapter 09

Bas-Armagnac 2000

Le Clos des Saveurs
Region: Gers Department, Occitanie region
Bottled by Artiguelongue Eric for Cuspid Spirits
Year: 2000

43 %
Alcohol Content
A Bas-Armagnac aged for 21 years in the cellars of the Gers Department.

Bas-Armagnac 2000

A Bas-Armagnac aged for 21 years in the cellars of the Gers Department, selected by Cuspid for its authentic character and organoleptic qualities typical of the best Bas Armagnacs. A complex balance of fruity accents and spicier aromas that define it as a harmonious spirit, unforgettable with an ice cube, even as an aperitif.

Short story

Domaine Le Clos des Saveurs

Monsieur Artiguelongue lives in Arblade-le-Haut near Auch in the Gers in Gascony and specializes in the refinement of Armagnac supported by the experience of master cellarman.

The blend used for this production is a melange of Baco and Ugni-Blanc. The soil is made up of siliceous clays, poor in limestone, rich in sands of iron oxides which color the countryside of this area in a characteristic red.

The alembic used for the production of this brandy takes the name of “Armagnacais”, built in copper since it is not affected by the acids of the wine. It is a continuous distillation alembic without review. Several factors distinguish Armagnac from Cognac.

The grapes of the wines used to produce Armagnac grow on a mainly sandy soil. The resulting brandy is then aged in the black oak of the region, giving it a naturally dark colour.


Type/Subtype: Armagnac/Bas-Armagnac

Vintage: 2000

Distillery: Le Clos des Saveurs

Country: Francia

Region: Gers Department, Occitanie region.

Bottler: Artiguelongue Eric for Cuspid Spirits

Alcoholic strenght: 43%

Volume: 70cl

Years: 21

Bottling date: 2021

Chill Filtered: No

Colouring: No

Added sugar or flavourings: No

N° of bottles: 72

Cask number: N/A


Tasting Notes: harmonious and unforgettable

Appearance: golden

Nose: plum, quince, candied citrus fruit.

Palate: harmonic and medium dry. The aroma is delicate and there are hints of cocoa.

Finish: long and spicy.

Pairings: dry pastries especially those characterized by abundant contributions of almonds and vanilla, dark chocolate, american pie, medium-bodied cigars.

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