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Fiji Rum

Fiji Rum

This rum was a coup de coeur for its refined intensity of esters and its sweetness of exotic fruits. It has taken us to the heart of the Pacific, between crystal clear waters and coconut palms. To fall in love once again with the details in the cultivation and distillation process, a perfect combination and balance between nature and the art of distillation.

S.P. Distillery


The history of sugar cultivation and processing in Fiji dates back to 1862. The first sugar mill was built in 1872 in Suva and six years later nine more were functioning. In 1976 the National Fiji Sugar Marketing Company Limited (FSC) took over the sugar mills. Active since 1980, in 1998 the distillery was acquired by Paradise Beverages.

The island is characterized by the presence of very rich volcanic soils which allow for the cultivation of completely organic sugar cane. Additionally, the sugarcane in the distillery’s plantation is still cut by hand, which results in a richer cane juice with fewer tannins. Broadly speaking, Fijian rums are as rich in esters as Jamaican rums and are a combination of exotic fruity aromas blended with more smoky, medicinal notes similar to those of Barbados distilled rums.

The production techniques give life to a very rich molasses with a particularly high basic sugar, which has a decisive influence on the final product, giving it a unique flavour. The distillation takes place by means of a traditional discontinuous still.

(Pot Still)


Barbados Rum

Barbados Rum

The quintessential rum created in the most iconic distillery on the island of Barbados. Powerful with a very long finish, an amazing rum to pair with an excellent Caribbean cigar.


In 1995 Sir David Seale gambled on buying a sugar mill whose oldest building dates back to 1636 and was largely decrepit. His intuition paid off and that site became the Foursquare Distillery, now standing out as one of the most modern rum distilleries yet with an unmistakable style.

The molasses come from different countries and are fermented with a process of medium duration and intensity. Subsequently the distillation takes place both in a double column with 40 copper plates and in a beautiful Pot Still Forsyth Double Retort with a small column.

The peculiarity of Foursquare is that of mixing the distillate obtained from the two types of alembic (continuous column and pot still) directly in the barrels. Cuspid has selected this rum and aged it for 16 years in an ex-bourbon barrel.

The bouquet is very structured and full of sweet and soft scents that release caramelized notes of yellow fruit and vanilla.


Jamaica Rum

Jamaica Rum

Undisclosed Distillery in Trelawny Parish

A rum with pungent and impetuous aromas on the nose and on the palate. Jamaica Rum selected by Cuspid Spirits is characterized by high esters and full texture. It has been aged in Scotland for 13 years in an ex-bourbon cask. We immediately loved it for its typicality, its strength but also for its balance.


Trelawny, the area where the distillery is located, historically represents the grand crû of Jamaican rum and is characterized by an incredible biodiversity. The distillery is just a few miles from unspoilt Cockpit Country.

Founded in 1753, considered one of the best distilleries in the world for its quality based: on the use of its own spring water; on the prolonged fermentation characterized by the use of wild yeasts; on distillation exclusively in copper pot stills with discontinuous distillation and on the absence of any adulteration.

Produced in the “grand crû” of Trelawny, in the North West of Jamaica where the last crocodiles of the island still live, it is considered one the most aromatic and intense rums.

The defined industrial rums are obtained with a continuous distillation and are almost devoid of flavor. The discontinuous distillation that characterizes the Jamaica Rum selected by Cuspid allows the distillation, in addition to alcohol, of other flavoring substances such as esters and other congeners, which migrate in the condensate.

The rum that flows from the still has a distinctive aroma, flavor and oily texture and is in a category of its own with its strong flavor and deep, engaging scent.

Haiti rum

Haiti rum

Undisclosed Distillery in Port-au-Prince

Haiti rum is a special and rare rum, elegant but always full of aromas. Matured 17 years with tropical and continental aging.

Distilled from sugar cane juice it is velvety but fragrant, it was usually consumed in elegant Parisian cafés at the end of the 19th century during the Belle Époque.


The distillery located in Port-au-Prince was born on March 18th 1862, about 160 years ago, its founder was originally from the French Charente, a region known for the distillation of Cognac. Distilled with a column alembic, it rested in a former bourbon barrel.

Distilled from cane juice, this rum offers great complexity in all moments of tasting.

Demerara Diamond Distillery 18-Year Rum

Demerara Diamond Distillery 18-Year Rum

A single cask rum aged for 18 years from Guyana.

Diamond Distillery has preserved and distilled this rum in the ancient Versailles Wooden Pot Still. The Versailles Still Is one of only two of its kind left The ancient still is more than 250 years old and produces still a truly unique style of rum similar to his humble beginnings at the estate of Versailles: incorporates a historic cylindrical wooden body a swan neck in copper. The combination of the interaction of native woods with alcoholic sugars and the reflux from the copper still result in a very heavy-bodied distillate, ideal for creating their distinctive rum characteristic Demerara robust, very tasty and aromatic.

From barrel n. 1710671 only 218 bottles were obtained

Continental aging (Scotland), maturation in an ex-bourbon cask, and final finishing in an ex-holy sherry cask make this rum a special bottle for any collection.

Not cold-filtered and not adulterated with added dyes, flavorings and sugars.

Rum Barbados Saint Lucy 20 Years

Rum Barbados Saint Lucy

This rum is 20 years old, was distilled with “a double retort pot still” and matured in an ex-bourbon cask with tropical and continental aging.

Our choice was to maintain the absolute authenticity of this rum, without flavourings, added sugars and colourings, and the result is a unique and precious spirit to be tasted by closing your eyes.

The oldest and most legendary rum in the world, it was produced in Barbados with passion and skill, thus earning the title of “rum that invented rum”. Expertly crafted with rich sugar cane and pristine, coral-filtered water native to the island.

Natural yeasts marry with the family stock. At the hillside site of St. Lucy they simply open the doors to the Bajan air and let nature take its course, populating the wort with yeast to get the sugars converted into alcohol. The art of rum blossoms during the distillation process. Here, the secrets of generations materialize like rum vapors rising above the water in copper stills. The alembic produces intense aromas and flavors deriving from the double distillation.

Cask number 12 only produced 256 bottles. During bottling, the distillate did not undergo cold filtration and was not adulterated.