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A creation by Silvano S. Samaroli

The NO-AGE is a harmonious vatting of malt whiskies matured from twelve to over forty-nine years in special sherry barrels and oaken casks, and made solely by Scotland’s last artisan distilleries, which still use the same processes as a hundred years ago.

The NO-AGE is the only malt whisky for which the reduction of original alcohol lasts as long as twelve months, as was common practice in the nineteenth century. The whisky does not receive the violent shock of being diluted with water in a single addition before bottling . Every two or three months the batches are re-blended, adding only a small amount of water, so that this can be easily absorbed by the various substances responsible for taste and smell. This technique has currently been abandoned by all producers, since its cost is too high.

The NO-AGE is not artificially coloured, and it is nor subjected to cold filtration, which might eliminate its original components and natural aromas.

The NO-AGE is appealingly presented in an exclusive bottle, a faithful reproduction of a nineteenth-century whisky flask in a distinctive single-bottle pack.

For obvious reasons, The NO-AGE is available only in very limited quantities. For every cuvée the total production will be declared, and every bottle will be numbered.

The NO-AGE by Silvano Samaroli is the result of research that has lasted a lifetime which has encountered cultures and experiences that are different and distant . The NO-AGE is an even rarer blend of the rarest pure malts of which it is composed.