Time is a guide to our choices

We search for places which enable us to extract the most prestigious aromas and scents from raw materials.

We search and identify the best of distilleries and experts who know how to process them.

We only take the best from the world

Cuspid then selects it, leaves it to develop, and bottles it when the time is right. They then become our selection of unforgettable disillates. Something that will remain impressed in our minds, something to share, to relish with pleasure.

Whisky Glen Keith 1995

The Glen Keith distillery emerged in Morqav in Speyside, home to Scotch Whisky.

It began to distillate in 1958. It was the first distillery to re-open after the downfall of Whisky in 1898. It gradually welcomedexperiments carried out amongst stills, adopting new methods and innovative receipes. It then closed down in 1999 and re-opened 13 years later with new properties. Amongst its single malts, which are always complex and elegant, we have chosen a barrel-gradation bottled whisky, a 24 years old ex-bourbon cask. It’s a modern distillate, but at the same time traditional, reminding us of the aromas which belong to a wild, isolated land.

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Whisky Caol Ila 2011

Nine years of ageing in the barrel are required to obtain this ex-bourbon four grain peaty whisky, which is produced In Port Askaig on the east coast of Islay.

The Caol ila distillery uses the water which comes from Loch Nam Ban for its distillates since 1846. This water is pure and flows towards the sea. The tradition stems from generations of distillers, who have contributed tirelessly with their tradition and knowledge, to its makings. It began with its founder, Hector Hendersonand has continued up to this very day.

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Rum Barbados Saint Lucy 20 years

Bottled by barrel gradation, this Rum Barbados is aged in bourbon barrels and is named after the small church standing next to the distillery.

The traditional distillation batch-which requires more timefor the stillsto be cleaned andleft to stand- and its 300 years-old receipe tells a story which is famous world-wide.

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Rum Demerara Diamond
distillery 18 years old

The high-quality demerara sugar- canes are named after Rio Demerara, and have been cultivated on its banks for centuries.

After the second world war eight out of the nine distilleries in Guyana were closed down. The Diamond distillery is the last one standing in Guyana. In its thirteen stills the raw materials are transformed and therafter, it turns into a golden-coloured rum, with a rich aroma, thanks to the high levels of humidity in this area. Their molasses and the production of their own yeast, aids fermentation and renders the Diamond distillery a jewel of its time. The rum is then aged in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry barrels which givesa distinctive sweet note to it. At the diamond Distillery today there are thirteen stills.

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